New year; new website; new batch of talks and a new book contract. It’s a great way to start 2019!

New year; new website; new batch of talks and a new book contract. It’s a great way to start 2019. 

This all comes after eighteen months of ‘nothing much.’ But nothing much can be a great time to take stock, just be, and let the creative juices once more begin to stir. 

It had been a conscious decision, a long time coming, to take myself off to university. I completed my degree in 2 years not three on the strength of my previous books and in 2017 graduated with honours. What an experience! What a joy; what stresses; what satisfaction and what an opportunity.

The intensity of study: being graded; challenged; measured, was something I had to re-adjust to after the free thinking of book writing. My doubts and fears and, shall we say ‘meltdowns’ were many but then so was the affirmation by my peers and tutors that I could do this. It was worth every minute. My degree certificate is a precious reward and hangs next to another which reminds me I also gained the university’s best overall performance in any single and joint honours degree of 2017.

It is from this that my ‘nothing much’ period stemmed. I was on a high for months with conquering the world just another thing I was going to undertake on the back of my time at uni. I considered an MA. The thought of acquiring more knowledge inspired me but then I realised that I was much happier communicating what I already knew. Years of researching and writing meant I was in possession of far more than I realised with Uni the instrument by which I could now critically assimilate what I already knew and what I could find out for myself. 

More than satisfied with my ‘first‘ I have finally settled back into writing again. I needed my ‘nothing much’ period to recharge, reimagine, reconnect and restart where I left off. I am ready for the solitary days at my desk, the doubts and fears that are part of the creative process and the crisis’-of-confidence melt-downs that, at Uni were often public but will now once again be private and soothed by copious cups of coffee.

So here’s to a revitalised new me, new year; new deadlines and one of many more new books! Watch this space.